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How it all started

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The Culinary Gangsta: Big Rob

When you look at a dish from Rob Michie's menu, you see imagination and love on a plate. That may be since he comes from a family of Executive level Culinary Artisans. Rob's passion and creativity for the culinary arts ignited when he attended and graduated from the Florida Culinary Institute in Orlando, FL. Trained under Chef Salvatore Cristiano, and some of the most notable chefs in the country, Rob is no newcomer to the fine dining industry. Rob's skills were continuously sharpened under mentorship by Chefs Angelo of Bella Luna Café and George Gaunt Jr of Rainbow Springs Country Club - as well as Master Chef Antonio Spinetti at Semolina International Pasta's.


     Life's trial and tribulations led Rob to leave his love of Culinary Arts to a career in the Automobile industry, where Rob managed and led some of the largest automotive dealerships in the country. In fact, Rob is still in the auto industry and works full-time with the largest automotive company in the world. Leaving the pressure of the retail environment allowed Rob to pursue his dream of bringing a new level of Culinary cuisine to a town he loves. Rob has refined his style of cooking, which can be described as New South Italian Fine Dining with a Steak House twist. Having received awards and acclaim from the industry and numerous media publications, Rob is an accomplished chef with a passion for creating amazing, well-thought-out dishes at Corks Wine and Charcuterie. If you were to ask him what his favorite dish is to cook, he would say, "All of them, anything that can bring a new level of Taste and experience to my guests."

Wine Expert: Melissa

Melissa Thompson is the co-owner and resident wine expert of Corks Wine and Charcuterie. Unique to Albany, GA, she is a competent wine expert; her knowledge of food and drink is exemplified with her excellent ability to pair just the right wine or beverage with your food is unmatched. As a seasoned professional in the hospitality industry, Melissa not only oversees the wine & beverage program, she stands at the helm of front-of-house operations. She draws upon her customer service skills and hospitality seasoned from her life in the automotive industry: where she met the love of her life and co-owner - The Culinary Gangsta, Rob Michie. Melissa has been catering to clients since the age of 14 growing up in the Florida Keys and working at a variety of tourist spots from Marathon, FL to Key West, Fl. Melissa's main goal is to make certain that every customer feels welcomed as if a they are an honored guest in our home - every time, without fail, no exceptions. Those values and the love for entertaining are at the core of Melissa's approach to making sure your dining experience is nothing but exceptional at Corks Wine and Charcuterie.

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